‚ÄčThe Merchant of Mix-Fits

Creativity has always been a part of everything I do.  Restoring old cars at a young age engaged my passion for taking things apart and rebuilding them. Carving with First Nations artists enhanced my passion for creativity and attention to detail.  Over the past 25 years I evolved into the world of carpentry and design where I have built a successful business as a contractor/builder. 

The inspiration for this form of sculpting came to me from a photograph sent  by my brother of a vintage vacuum turned into a cool old indy style race car. The detail, character and imagination found through this photo awakened a new channel of creativity.

Evolving old objects into new expressions has created the whimsical world of Mix-Fits. 

I can find materials for my art just about anywhere these days but my best finds are at the second hand stores, metal recycling bins and yard sales. My inventory is a collection of items that were destined to some mundane existence and now have been given another chance of life in the fantasy world of "Mix-Fits". I am inspired by using well traveled vintage items.

Unlike most other artistic mediums, the process involved with creating found-object sculptures is a very dynamic one. Its a combination of the hunt, vision, puzzle and seeing beyond an objects intended purpose.  There is nothing routine in my art, there is never a plan just pure inspiration and play.

Ian Baker

The Mix-Fits have participated 2 years in a row at the Annual Moss Street Paint-In sponsored by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria  This the largest community art outreach event in Victoria.

The Mix-Fits were chosen to be a favourite by many viewers. There were approximately 30,000 people engaged with artists and celebrating visual arts. The Mix-Fits were recognized for bringing smiles, laughter, amazement and much conversation. 

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