Ian Baker, The Merchant of Mix-Fits

"Recycling old junk not only benefits the environment, it breathes new life into old objects that were once destined for the landfill"

Creativity has always been a part of everything I do. Restoring old cars at a young age engaged my passion for taking things apart and rebuilding them. Carving with First Nations Artist, Francis Horne Sr. enhanced my passion for creativity and attention to detail.

The inspiration for this form of sculpturing came to me from a photograph my brother sent - of a sculpture made from recycled metal.

I can find materials just about anywhere these days but my best finds are at second hand stores, metal recycling bins and yard sales. My inventory is a collection of items that were destined to some mundane existence.

There is no welding involved in my art.

The process involved with creating found-object sculptures is a very dynamic one. It is a combination of the hunt for parts, putting the puzzle together and having the vision to see beyond an objects intended purpose.

​"There is nothing routine in my art, there is never a plan.

 Just inspiration and play."


About The Artist

"I'm passionate about creating and inventing. Bringing joy and laughter to others  is "what it's all about."

"There seems to be no end to what kind of art you can create with the most cost-effective medium available - trash."